Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski create PHP 3, an open source scripting language based on the initial version of PHP, created by Rasmus Lerdorf.


Gutmans and Suraski create the company Zend Technologies Game Ban 777 and PHP 4, which includes an open source parser for PHP 4 called Zend Engine.

Zend Technologies releases Zend Framework an open source, web-application deployment framework.

The first Zend Server is released. It runs on Linux and Windows — and includes PHP, Zend Framework, Z-Ray monitoring tools, and enterprise support for PHP.

Zend Technologies collaborates with other organizations including IBM and Microsoft, to create the Simple API for Cloud Application Services.


Game Ban 777Zend Server 6 is released. It runs natively on the IBM i platform.

Game Ban 777Zend Server is available on AWS.

Game Ban 777Zend Server is available on Microsoft Azure.

Zend Technologies is acquired by Rogue Wave Software.

Rogue Wave Software transitions Zend Framework to an open source project called Laminas, which is hosted by the Linux Foundation.

Rogue Wave Software is acquired by . And the company becomes Zend by Perforce.